The site was established in 2006 and gradually grew in popularity starting with many Chinese clients who bought hundreds of domain names. The advertising section ( came a year later in 2007 to take advantage of a large amount of white space that was very visable on one side of the page. allowed us to promote cheap low cost marketing for new startups and be of a added value to clients with not much of an advertising budget. The online platform grew and migrated from framework to framework utilizing different wed programming languages and methods to accommadate increase bandwidth needs, speed of loading, responsiveness, ease of use and mobile compatibility. The site is now extremely lean, code efficient and falls in line with modern best practices. The original fifty five (55) page site in 2006 is now a one(1) page speed demon that accomplishes way more benchmarks using 90% less resources. The simplicity and unique design of this site makes it extremely easy to maintain and very scalable. The complete turnkey backbone is 100% portable and can be installed, hosted and operating in under ten(10) minutes on any framework. The turnkey backbone allow for very intuitive quick and easy modification of all contents and can even be controlled from a simple mobile phone or other electronic devices at absolutely no additional cost. The administrative panel that handles the domain name and advertising is easy and very user friendly, a child could use it. You do not need to be technical, web savy or have any prior programming experience to operate the business. Anyone can do it because it was design to be easy to use. A quick and easy valuation should consist of a rough estimate for each domain name. There will be no partial breaking up or separation of assets (it is all or nothing). A FINAL SEVEN(7) DIGIT OFFER IS EXPECTED.

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